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Why Buy a Hosted PBX Office System


Hosted PBX service will help you lower your business costs through the hosted office system. The hosted office works in the same way as hosted phone extensions. They also do not need to be attached to any specific area or location. Because of these qualities, creating an office expansion for your business will not require creation of new buildings or rooms to house the system. All that would be required is for the hosted offices to be connected to the main contact number of your business. Furthermore, there is no limit on the possible areas where you can choose to create your hosted office.


Major Types of Office Telephone System

When it comes to buying a new office telephone system, the choices seem to be endless. Every phone system supplier says that their office phone system is the best one for your business but there doesn't seem to be much to differentiate them. To help you, we have devised this guide.


There are 3 main types of business telephony systems you can go for. These are the traditional PBX (key and lamp), the integrated server system and the Business Telephone Systems UAE. All these systems have their advantages and disadvantages.


If your small business has minimal telephony needs and does not need a system that will integrate with other software or network devices, a PBX system would be perfect. Traditionally, these systems will have a key and lamp facility where users can see the availability of other users by looking at their phones. For more info about telephone system, visit


The integrated server system is ideal for a business that needs flexibility, integration with CRM software programs or intelligent call routing and reporting. Generally, this office telephone system has advanced VoIP capabilities for both internal users and remote workers. The system allows remote workers to be connected to the office telephone system though a virtual private network (VPN).


Office Telephone Systems Sharjah are excellent for small companies who make few calls but want the features provided by a larger system. The telephone system hardware is not based in the same building as the phones, which can keep initial costs low. However, these systems often require a separate broadband line to be installed. Therefore, they can end up costing more than an in-house system. Each phone may also require a separate line, which can make costs go up. Hosted systems are venerable to system failure due to the slowdown of the broadband line.


The above is an overview of the main types of hosted PBX office system and their benefits.